Thursday, March 20, 2003

Because I'm having inordinate difficulty in actually posting Roland's excellent "Darkside/Lightside" blog in my links section, I'm going to post the URL here again, because you really should be checking it out on a daily basis, as it both rocks and rules. You'll also be wanting to visit Mike's fantastic Imperial Doughnut blog, too, but I've managed to wrestle that URL into my links section, for some bewildering reason.

Advice and abuse connected to my inability to maintain my site to the usual comment boxes, please...

Fed up with George Lucas' determination not to release the original "Star Wars" trilogy on DVD? Why not take five minutes and do something about it by signing this online petition?

With over 15,000 signatures in under a week, you might say that there is a strength of feeling about this particular issue, especially amongst those of us who have always maintained that Han shot Greedo first.

For my part, I guess that it's up to George to do what he will with his movies, but it would be kind of cool if he would perhaps listen to the people who've shelled out for VHS boxset after VHS boxset, and made him the reasonably well-off gentleman that he is today. I'm all for having the new Special Edition DVD's, too, but it would be kind of cool to see the original movies in their initial form, before their mid-'90's, CG spruce-up.

And, if dear George could get his head around the idea of adding Dts-Es 6.1 discrete surround sound audio as well, I'd be one happy, smiling, lightsabre-twirling Geek Boy.

I can't quite put my thoughts about the war in context just yet. Nothing that I can say will really be of any consequence, and you can be sure that there are a hundred other blogs out there which help the frame the issue intelligently and make better arguments for and against the war than I can.

Right now, I'm hoping that innocent people don't die in numbers too horrific to contemplate, and that as many servicemen and women as possible come home safely to their families. Sadly, I don't see that this is a war which can be fought in the antiseptic, virtual terms that news reports would have us believe.

To watch feeds from US rolling news channels such as Fox News, MSNBC and the like, is to be lulled into a false sense of security that technology in the 'theatre of conflict' has reduced the commission of war to the remote, almost omnipotent level of a PC simulation or squad-based tactical game, where 'surgical' strikes take out strategic targets with relative ease.

I'm pretty sure that all this cool, Clancy novel-esque hardware isn't yet at the level where it can destroy buildings and yet somehow nobly conspire to leave the maximum amount of citizens alive.

Pitched against all of this unease on my part, I still realise that Saddam Hussein is far from being the greatest human being in the world and that it's very possible that the planet would be incrementally safer for his removal, be it politically achieved or by the use of force.

As alluded to at the beginning of this post, I don't pretend to have any answers to this conflict and I pray that it is over before it begins, but I know that this is far from likely and that I can't escape the realities presented by this morning's perhaps ultimately irreversible shift towards darkness.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I'm going to sign off for today earlier than planned, mostly because I want to go and look after the righteous K., who is far from well at the moment (there are snuffling issues to be attended to), and also because I have two episodes of "Alias" to catch-up with, and if you know the show, you'll realise that any number of insane things could have happened in the last few installments...

If, like me, you realise that Channel 4's wonderous "Spaced" is less a sitcom and more a "Truman Show"-style expose of your real life, you'll probably want to click here for excellent news about Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's long-awaited movie project, the excellently-titled "Shaun of the Dead".

And if Jessica Stevenson's proposed Disney flick about the adventures of a nanny with a neat sideline in espionage comes to fruition, it looks as though 2004 will be a great year at the movies for fans of the Greatest Sitcom Ever Made, Bar None.

For some reason, Blogger is giving me mucho hassle with the simple act of posting my blog entries.

There are two possible theories rolling around in my mind which may explain Blogger's reticence to post:

1) It can't be arsed. Because it has decided, in an altogether spooky artificially intelligent way, not to allow me the oxygen of limited digital publicity by refusing to publish my bandwidth-squandering inanity. Which seems quite likely and is probably good reasoning, when you come down to it.

2) The spooky sentient intelligence latent within Blogger's Super Hi-Techie Network of Doom is a "Buffy" fan and took exception to my posting quite well-signposted Season Seven spoilers all over the spot. I lean towards this one.

I am, as we say in our household, "Be-wilder-led"...

Monday, March 17, 2003

If you're scratching your chin, busily wondering why this blog can't wait for the 15th of May, 2003, as per the heading at the top of this page, this should clue you in a little bit.

My darling husband, the Delectable P has given me access to his blog (the quality of the spelling is now going to plummet drastically). I'm presently starting with a rather annoying cold, but I'm going to take my darling to his swimming lesson tonight whether he likes it or not.

Found this site via the main Blogger update page, and it's well worth a look if you like your music noisy, snotty of nose and properly indie of disposition.

They wouldn't appreciate the comparison, I'm sure, but it's kind of like Popbitch for those of us still missing the impassioned bite and side-endangering wit of late, lamented British music paper,"Melody Maker".

The sniping asides at that regrettable excuse for a 'reality' TV show, "Reborn in the USA", more than made my day and no mistake.

You don't need me to say it, but the world is presently a very scary place.

Though it won't do a damn bit of good, I pray that cooler, calmer heads and hearts may yet prevail as we approach conflict and that the prospect of the entirely avoidable deaths of innocent people on a massive scale is horrific enough to make our ostensibly God-fearing leaders realise that they are wilfully endeavouring to do that which must offend the deities who they presume to worship.

No God that I've ever believed in has sanctioned the commision of wars for oil, or rewarded cynical warmongers with a second term in the highest political office in the world.

No God that I have prayed to would agree with what is being done in his name.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

An observation to end today's little posts of no consequence?

Eggy bread is really excellent, and you should all go and try it right now. Sure, some of you reading this may well dub it "French" toast, and others yet may like to remember it as "Fairy" toast, but it all ends up to the same thing in the end: It's blimming delicious and well worth your culinary attention, at the earliest opportunity.

The weekend has not been without it's moments, but we've managed to have a quiet few days in Sheffield since the last update. K. has not felt too chipper, thanks to a rather ennervating showdown with a migraine condition which continues to rear it's ugly and unwelcome head at regular intervals, and I've been trying to do what little I can to try and make her feel a little better.

We begged off movies for that reason until today, when we took in George Clooney's directorial debut, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and enjoyed the very particular insanity of this Charlie Kaufman-scripted adaptation of big-time TV producer Chuck Barris' quaintly-termed 'Unauthorised Autobiography'. A review to follow, if I can stop my head spinning from the film's reality-bending madness.

Expect a review, too, of James Toback's apparently intentionally jarring, stylistically-infuriating latest effort, "Harvard Man", which stars Adrian Grenier, Eric Stoltz, Joey Lauren Adams and that 'butter-wouldn't-melt'-type, Sarah Michelle Geller, in a tale of college basketball, tornado damage, mafia gambling, heady philosophical musing and goings-on so very dodgy that they can't be fully described in an all-ages blog such as this (If you want to know just what Sarah gets up to with her male co-star, in a thankfully secluded woodland setting, address your e-mithers to the usual address...).

Enjoyed reading this blog today, and I suspect that you might do too, if you derive any enjoyment whatsoever from this attempt at lone-person publishing. Click HERE for Republic Dropship goodness...

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