Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Hey, Kids - Just checking in to reassure you that I haven't imploded with irritation at the inability of the BAFTA voters to recognise sterling work when they see it and that I am, in point of fact, still very much alive. Nope, the shocking snubbing of Sir Ian McKellan's performance in "The Fellowship Of The Ring" has affected me not one single, solitary jot. This is possibly due to the inarguable fact that justice prevailed elsewhere in the ceremony and the assembled luvvies of this fair land decided to recognize Peter Jackson and Co. with a whole raftload of gongs and baubles for their sterling efforts in cinematically realising J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved vision.

Am I the only guy slightly peturbed, though, that the acting ensemble in "Fellowship..." seems to have been a tad overlooked?

I mean, I'd really love to know why Russell Crowe warrants a nod for his showboating, "Look! I'm MENTAL, I am!" antics in "A Beautiful Mind" and why Viggo Mortensen doesn't get the recognition he deserves for "Fellowship...". To this observer, far-removed from the decision-making process, he gave not only gravitas and real edge to the film. but something approaching a breakout performance - Women were certainly discussing him after the screening that I attended. After many years of sterling work in indie fare and carrying entire Demi Moore vehicles on his shoulders (Did you see "GI Jane"? Wasn' t he the only good thing about it?), I think that our Viggo really deserves a plaudit or two. From people who actually matter, and not me, I hasten to add.

Whatever. I just think that people have gone a little overboard on describing "Fellowship..." as purely an example of crowd-pleasing spectacle and wonder. It is that, certainly, but it's also that rarity - the blockbuster which isn't directed by the half-witted whims of focus groups and marketing concerns. It's a personal vision, and a wonderfully timely reminder that the mainstream can hope to resonate on an emotional and intellectual level as easily as the indie sector has for the last ten years or so.

My internal body clock is reminding me that I should be going home now after a ten hour night shift and getting some of what you earthlings describe as "Beauty Sleep". Loathe as I am to give in to the demands of vanity, I must confess that after a long evening's journey into day, I can no longer feel my legs and I smell so grotty that my very particular man-musk might be optioned as a deadly new nerve agent by those nice people in the Military-Industrial-Entertainment complex (Apparently, the Will Young single is part of some fiendish mind-control/MK Ultra-type carry-on. Yep, I voted for Gareth, too...).

Time to go, then. Stay safe, journey well and try not to watch Channel 5's "The Movie Chart Show". You'll only go and encourage Steve McKenna, and you wouldn't want that, now, would you?


Patster Hiroprotovitch

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