Monday, March 04, 2002

Hey Y'all. If you have about ten free minutes to yourself whilst online, I heartily recommend a look-see at the latest edition of the Doogan's View section of the rather keen Digital Bits site (www.thedigitalbits.com). It's a fine exchange of views revolving around the old 'DVD/Laserdisc' quandry and the notion that the concept of the 'Special Edition' DVD is being diluted by the mainstream take-up of our lovely format. Y'know - The idea that any old cash-cow blockbuster can arrive on DVD with some Electronic Press Kit bobbins, a couple of trailers and a muzak video and be mentioned in the same breath as one of Criterion or Anchor Bay's sterling releases - It's blasphemy, frankly and not the kind of notion which should be encouraged by anyone in possession of a working brain.

Well worth your time, fight fans, if you're not already sitting down to watch your newly-purchased copy of "Moulin Rouge", "William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'" or the spanky-cool double-disc frenzy of Disney's "Atlantis". Me? I'm waiting for my bloody copies of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and "The One" (FIVE WEEKS before it's UK cinema release!) to turn up, although I'm sure that they will.

US Box Office report for this week? Mel Gibson's latest, the Vietnam War biog, "We Were Soldiers" had a fairly predictable opening at #1 over the weekend, earning something like $20 million and falling victim to what some industry types are calling "War Film Fatigue" - The idea that US audiences are becoming less gung-ho after being hit by a post-9/11 wave of "Behind Enemy Lines", "Blackhawk Down" and "Collateral Damage". I think that could be a factor, but this time of year generally is a bit ho-hum for movies, and we're all waiting for the likes of "Spider-Man" and "Star Wars - Episode Two: Attack Of The Fanboy Apathy" to open and kick in the annual wave of popcorn-friendly, Dolby Ex-soundtracked summer film insanity which generally perks us all up. Can't wait for the new Vin Diesel flick, "XXX" to open, myself...

I'm going to head off now, fellow cine travellers and hope that my local video store have racked-up their digital goodies for this week - Expect a couple of updates in the week and a smidgeon of movie chatter for your perusal.

Have a reasonable day

Patster Hiroprotovitch

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