Sunday, April 21, 2002

So, I should be reviewing "Amelie" early next week, as well as the recent, oddly-prescient, gung-ho action flick, "Behind Enemy Lines" and, possibly, in one of those sweet exclusives which may or may not come to pass, giving y'all my two-penneth on the forthcoming "Resident Evil" flick, which opens in UK Cinemas on June 14th.

What can I tell you - Patster Hiroprotovitch knows some people...

In a vaguely pertinent addendum to the previous post, I should probably mention that I will be watching "Amelie" on my new DVD player, which I snapped up with urgency after my trusty Samsung 709 finally gave up the ghost and permanently lost it's Coaxial Audio output for good.

Translation, for the non techies out there? I couldn't feed digital surround sound signals from the Samsung to my Sony Home Cinema receiver and had to upgrade to a slightly more up-to-date, yet firmly proletarian and affordable Cyber Home AD - L528 machine, which does many whizzy-bangy things for the bargain price of £109.99, at a local store, for local people, in my home town of Scarborough. "Quay-Tec", on North Street, to be pedantically precise.

That's fully multi-region (Including RCE discs), with component video, coax and optical outputs, an RGB Scart and analogue 5.1 outs to pipe 5.1 audio into a suitably equipped Pro-Logic amplifier. It has just about everything that you could need, frankly, and makes a convincing argument for those floating punters as yet unconvinced about the prospect of shelling out on a DVD player. For a blindingly cheap price, you ,too, can discover why Entertainment In Video discs must generally be sniffed at, why New Line "Infinitifilm" DVDs rule the planet and why you should go visit "Play.Com", "Movietyme.com" and "Future Entertainment" daily.

Not that I'm on a percentage from any of the above companies and firms, of course - Chance would be a fine thing...

In answer to HTML wrangler extraordinaire Paul's query on the symbolism (Or otherwise) of the brightly-hued Sets in Mr Jeunet's splendid "Amelie", I can say only this: I'm bobbinsed if I know, buddy. But, fear not - I now have the DVD in my clammy hands and will be checking it out later today (That would be this very Sunday afternoon). If the director's commentary alludes in any way to this, I'll check in here and let you know.

My only question about "Amelie" is this: Where can I get a cool Porcine lamp, which comes to life when I'm asleep, and has conversations with the other animated aspects of my interior decor?

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