Thursday, August 08, 2002

Fancy reading an entertaining, scary and just plain wrong review of the movie destined to trash a few U.S. box office records this weekend (That would be the forthcoming "XXX", in which splendidly absurd, multi-tasking, action-monolith-in-waiting, Vin Diesel smacks the bejesus out of the world's spook community, and no, I can't wait to see it, either...)?

"Click here for more proof that Harry Knowles is even more of a geek than I am, and yes, that IS saying a whole heck of a lot..."

As K. knows only too well, I am an nothing if not an Emo monkey. Why not seek those nagging answers to your own existance, via the following, handy-as-all-heck link?

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

Yes, I am so very easily amused, it would appear....

Sunday, August 04, 2002

In the spirit of providing you with yet more insight into my fabulous life, I now proudly present you with a list of some musical fripperies which will almost certainly enhance your everyday life.

Or, to cut to the damn chase, already? It's my music playlist. Every other Bloggist is doing it - Why shouldn't I?

1) "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most" - Dashboard Confessional (Knocks David Gray's ass into a jauntily cocked hat and no mistake...)

2) "Maladroit" - Weezer (Isn't it cool that Rivers Cuomo is a total and utter guitar hero, yet looks not unlike someone from your office IT department?)

3) "Bleed American" - Jimmy Eat World ("A Praise Chorus" is just so damned good that my head hurts...)

4) "On A Wire" - The Get Up Kids (And they've gone country! Well, kind of. Perhaps "Rootsy" is the adjective that I'm grasping for...)

5) "Wood/Water" - The Promise Ring (Who have also gone country, kind of. Why have our favourite Emo folks suddenly metamorphosised into Wilco tribute

Listen. Enjoy. Dance around your room, already....

Still haven't watched all of the content on the "Fellowship Of The Ring" extras disc, yet, dearest Super-Friends. This is, I regret to say, due to a tiredness issue - One which emanates almost entirely from the absurd, energy-sapping night shifts that I've been working during the last week.

Which is, to say the least, scarcely a good thing. In fact after the best part of twelve hours on my feet, sorting and then delivering letters, heroically summoning enough restraint to not vehemantly slap my more annoying co-workers, followed by an uphill cycle ride to my house, it's all that I can do to stay awake and focus long enough to throw together a healthy repaste which vaguely resembles a healthy breakfast (What do you mean, Chocolate Muffins aren't a basic food group? Fie on your diet-observing inanity!).

So, the hard work of those nice people at New Line Home Video has gone mostly unnoticed by me, but I do promise to take a look at it in the near future - If I can only have the strength of purpose not to immeaditately click on the ten-minute preview of this Christmas' unfeasibly eagerly-awaited part deux, "The Two Towers", every time that I load the second disc...

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