Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I've just returned from Sheffield, having had the very finest Bank Holiday Weekend of my young life, and I can say only these, scant lines in recommendation of the experience.

1) There is no finer way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday morning than to make the short trip to a virtually deserted UGC multiplex, take in a deliciously under-attended screening of "Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack Of The Clones", and spend the best part of two-and-a-half hours in the company of the coolest, self-described Geek Girl ever to walk the face of God's Green Earth. And, as a proud, badge-carrying Geek, there is no finer honour than to attend a "Star Wars" flick alongside a smart, funny, unfeasibly lovely person like the redoubtable K.

2) Sheffield's Botanical Gardens are really kind of swell. You could certainly do worse than to have yourself a bracing constitutional, on a fine and temperate afternoon, amidst the lovingly-attended and presented green things which make this preserve so much fun to visit.

Of course, you won't be doing any of this in the presence of K., herself, but you can't have everything. But I'm kind of happy to boast about my good fortune in that respect.....

"Free the Kalamazoo One!"

At last, a cause that everybody can get behind. It's come to something when even the finest, most upstanding and generally excellent teddy bears that a person could hope to meet can't enjoy safe passage through the Globe's postal network.

As the lovely and always amazing K. will certainly attest, I took no chances when making a recent journey, via this nation's rip-roaringly absurd rail network, with my own, very much prized, Monkey-type companion, personally escorting him to his destination in my hometown of Scarborough and making sure that he had enough crisps, bananas and Dime Bar puddings to keep him occupied on his long journey: The very real prospect of chimp-napping is far too grim for me to comprehend.....

Now, if I can just figure out how to add one of those attractive button thingies to my site (Hint, Hint, SuperGeniusGirl....)

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