Saturday, September 28, 2002

At the risk of being completely blinking outrageous, I thought that I might just post an update to this very blog and explain just what the merry hell I've been doing with myself for the past couple of weeks.

Other than gleefully accepting my girlfriend K's proposal of marriage and thus getting all engaged and grown-up like, not that much.

Yup, much to the chagrin of Heather Graham, I'm officially off the proverbial romantic market (I hear that George Clooney is equally broken-up about K's abrupt rescindment of singleton status) and more than a little chuffed about it - Things are going so swimmingly that my head is positively spinning with good cheer.

And my copy of the latest Adam Sandler opus, "Mr Deeds", is en route to me before it arrives in UK cinemas: News that will doubtless cause the lovely K. to breathe a hearty sigh of relief, now that she won't have to go to the cinema to see it with me ("XXX" is still a go for this weekend, though, sweety.....)

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