Wednesday, November 13, 2002

New post! New post! There must be some explanation for this insane occurance, surely?

Nope. Just happened to be in front of a PC, had a few minutes to spare and suffered the vague, disquieting sense that I've been neglecting my online journal thingy in a rather appalling fashion of late. Because, of course, I have done just that, have I not?

There are, as ever, lovely extenuating circumstances to explain my lack of updating: I am, after all, in the process of getting married and spending a lot of my time with my lovely intended (The altogether righteous and fully-fantastic Miss K.) figuring stuff out - Do we dare add rear speakers to the Wedding Gift List, or should we just play it safe and slap a couple of "Buffy" DVD box sets on there? Do we actually need to buy a couch or should we just use our spooky Yogic Flying training to stay perpetually airborne in the hypothetical lounge of our as-yet unpurchased home, until such time as we can lay down the Euros for a nifty IKEA seating device? And, of course, the question that any just-about-to-be-hitched couple need to reach a consensus on - "Is that gal on Channel Four's spiffy ' Property Ladder' series paid by the cleavage shot?".

C'mon, you've thought about it, too...

Just me, then.

Anyway, there's all kinds of stuff on my mind at the moment, and it has to be said that my gorgeous, multi-tasking beloved gal is duly holding things down, and in charge of keeping it real, all the way in Sheffield. Were it not for the remarkable Miss K., events would not be forthcoming and January 11, 2003 would hardly be the society wedding of the year that it so patently will be.

And, Hot Damn! I truly look rather rocking in my newly suited-and-booted incarnation...

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