Monday, February 03, 2003

At the risk of being too vague, the allusion to my holiday a post or two back, concerns my worldly location as I type these words - I am, in fact, enjoying a slightly belated honeymoon on the Isle of Arran, which is off the West coast of Scotland, if my admittedly poor geography hasn't steered me wrong again.

The righteous K. and your understandably humble authorial blogsmith are stopping at the Auchrannie resort, in one of their splendidly appointed Lodge buildings, and enjoying the undeniable coolness of waking up on a morning and looking out of the window to take onboard a glorious vista which resembles the mountain from the Paramount Pictures logo, to the point where one might reasonably expect the imminent arrival and serving of a terse 'cease-and-desist' order from a highly-paid corporate legal counsel.

The scenery is glorious, which you might take as read, and every corner turned seems to reveal a new amazing sight, or wonderful view to try and process. The sense of being away from hustle, bustle and urban angst is quite palpable, which isn't to take away from hustle, bustle and urban angst of course - I'm all for that unholy trinity in short measures.

I'll try and post more in the week, and to make it a tad bit more interesting, but as I seem to have spent major chunks of the last two or three days with my jaw grazing the floor, that's going to be a tough gig.

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