Wednesday, June 11, 2003

After meaning to do so for a few weeks, I thought that I'd post a link to Ben's Loquacious Blog, which always makes me smile and usually cheers me up.

Funny, true stuff and well worth a look-see, if you have a few minutes to spare (The link above is a link to one of those 'Permalink' doohickies - you'll find a link to his main site there, too...).

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

In other news, we decided to take Sunday morning away from our troubles and went to UGC to check out a sparsely-attended 11:00am screening of the new Jack Nicholson/ Adam Sandler comedy, "Anger Management", mostly because we felt the need to take in something dumb, funny and sufficiently transportive from our present minor-key woes.

I won't lie to you and say that this is a film which sticks in the memory for anything more than ten seconds after you exit the theatre, but it's a reasonably diverting romp, which never quite lives up the bad-taste promise of the opening scene and spends way too much time expending energy on making Adam Sandler look like a nice guy beset the vague cruelties of an uncaringly harsh universe. We all know that Adam can do nice (we still love "The Wedding Singer" in our house) but we'd quite like to see him cut loose and do something along the lines of the glorious "Happy Gilmore" again - nobody harnesses the comedic potential of boiling-over fury and borderline rage like Sandler can (I know, I know - "Punch-Drunk Love" was a work of genius, too, but its not exactly a laugh-out-loud yuk-fest, is it?).

Now that he's a bona-fide movie star, though, he seems content to fall back on pleasant, time-wasting, leading-man fluff like "Anger Management", and even play more-or-less straight man to Jack Nicholson, whose work here is fine but seems a wee bit restrained and somewhat on a leash (Surely he's in this movie solely to get a solid, home-run, box-office hit?). A comedy with two straight-men? That's a construct for dissatisfaction in anyone's book...but there's enough funny stuff in this flick to send you outwards with the ghost of a smile on your face.

Cue your Blogsmith and his wife driving to the supermarket after the movie, singing a very personal and intriguingly-keyed version of the "West Side Story" standard "I Feel Pretty" after it's setpiece reprisal in the film and wondering why more movies haven't yet chosen to utilise the comic stylings of the great John C. Reilly, whose cameo in "Anger Management" is something of a miniature joy.

It's probably worth a rental when it arrives on video, and I'll probably be buying it because of my irrational Sandler fandom, but I don't think that you'll be missing a comic gem for the ages if you skip this during it's cinema run...

The Righteous K.and your Blogsmith were back to reality with a bump on Saturday evening, as our plans to max and relax the night away were abruptly curtailed by some seriously truculent plumbing in the basement of our house.

Simply described, at around 6:30 on Saturday night, I was sure that I could hear the sound of consistantly running water in the house - it was loudest in the living room, but it took me forever to have the presence of mind to go and have a look-see below and try and identify the problem. After conferring with my wiser and smarter spouse, I went below decks and promptly had a near Level Ten panic attack when I saw that the floor was liberally pooling with water from a leak in a pipe on the wall above.

Lacking the tools and know-how to do any fixing ourselves, we promptly shut off the water supply beneath the sink to head-off any further flooding and made-do for the next 36 hours or so without the luxuries of showering, washing dishes and generally living like a civilised being in the early 21st Century. Thank God that our friends Richard and Julie have just finished up a major renovation/extension project at their home and were able to give us the contact details for a top, very helpful plumber, who came out yesterday and got us back into some semblance of order.

You don't realise just how much you thoughtlessly depend on stuff like plumbing until it vamooses out of your day-to-day life...

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