Monday, September 08, 2003

Man, it's going to be a busy week at the flicks.

By the time that I go to see the new Brit flick, "BlackBall" tomorrow night, I believe firmly that I may well have wrapped my head around the plotting contortions and reversals so cheerfully served up on Saturday afternoon by a viewing of "Cube" director Vincent Natali's latest SF lobe-punisher, "Cypher"(which can best be described as "The Matrix 2.0", only remade for people who wouldn't be seen dead going to see the zany, wire-abetted adventures of Neo and his happy band of goth club kids).

And by the time that I've recovered from the excesses and disgraceful behaviour contained within director Mel Smith's newie "BlackBall", a home-grown Brit-com/gross-out sports satire, I will be well-placed to curtail my work day and dash back into and across Sheffield on Wednesday afternoon, to take in an advanced screening of F. Gary Gray's "The Italian Job" remake.

I fully anticipate much bitching from a partisan crowd up to dismiss this rehash of a much-beloved Brit-flick, but as I'm going to check out Seth Green and Mos Def's scene-stealing moves, I remain fairly sure that I might well enjoy the noisy, heisty nonsense up on screen (though, is it just me or does it appear that the makers of this version have replaced the for-real, devil-may-care car stunts of the original with slick, edited-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives, ever-so-slightly unconvincing CG-assisted action sequences?).

And, to cap it all, this Friday sees the infuriatingly-belated, yet absolutely welcome British release of Miyazaki's "Spirited Away", which I can't bloody wait to see. Expect a load of hypebolic, over-the-top-praise just as soon as I can sit down at a computer and funnel it out in your direction.

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